Be kind

Be kind

'In a world where you can be anything,

be kind.'

Never have these words been more necessary for all of us. As a collective whole, the world is going through a recalibration, a reshuffling and (for some) a restart. I have found that there are two kinds of people in this time when it comes to how they treat other people:

- The people who are exceptionally kind and gracious towards other people in this time, because we're collectively going through a crazy, uncertain time.

- The people who are exceptionally rude, impatient and sometimes even nasty towards other people, because they're going through a crazy, uncertain time and think they're the only ones.

On so many levels the past few months have been heartbreaking and life-changing for most people. On so many levels have people been forced to reassess their lives, their finances and their lifestyles. On so many levels have people been left with no guarantee for tomorrow or the day after that. 

There are very few people who are in a 'good space' at the moment. I hope and pray you bear this in mind as you encounter people, as you receive service (be it exceptional or not so great) and as you comment on social media posts (there's a living, breathing person on the receiving side of it). 

Be the one who doesn't wait until someone is kind and gracious towards you, so that you can be kind and gracious to them in return. You can start the ripple effect of a kinder world in your small corner of the world. It's not even difficult. What's difficult is bearing grudges, carrying burdens that aren't yours to carry and carrying the heaviest burden of them all - the belief that the world 'owes' you something. 

Be kind. Every person you encounter today needs your kindness. As do you.


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