I will make everything around me beautiful 🖤

I will make everything around me beautiful 🖤

As women, we have an inherent desire to be surrounded by beauty and also to feel beautiful and comfortable in our own skin. This innate inclination towards beauty encompasses so much about being ‘woman’.

In the current times that we find ourselves in, it often takes intentionality to be surrounded by beauty and to make our lives and hearts beautiful. It’s so easy to be swept away by how devastating and distorted the world around us have become. It’s so easy to allow the world’s ugliness to be etched into our hearts and to find our identity in it. It’s so easy to be impacted by our surroundings instead of impacting our surroundings.

This is where intentionality about beauty can be so powerful and life-changing. I’ve realized that the more intentional we are about crafting beauty all around us, the more it crafts beauty inside of us. The opposite also resonates strongly with me – I’ve seen how a desire to beautify everything is born from a wholesome heart. The one feeds the other – beauty feeds wholesomeness and wholesomeness feeds beauty.

The Bloom Space’s vision is to create a space where every client feels at home, finds freedom and is impacted by the power of beauty, art and words. The vision is ever-evolving and encompasses so many factors, but for now I make it my highest aim to include products, artisans and words that breathe beauty and life to every person that connects with The Bloom Space. Thank you for being part of this journey – on Monday (4 July 2020) I celebrate 2 months of The Bloom Space!

May you surround yourself with beauty and may you believe that you are worthy of a wholesome, beautiful life.


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