Let yourself rest

Let yourself rest

To me, ‘rest’ signifies a state of tranquility and expansion on the inside, which translates into how I live my life on the outside. Rest is not one day of the week where you kick your feet up and let your hair down, but rather a way of living from the inside out on a daily basis. Rest is cultivating an inner state that serves you instead of drains you.

I think most of us have grown so accustomed to hustling and bustling. Running around. Making ends meet. One day flowing into the other, just hoping for the weekend to come, which is usually also filled with activities and to-do lists. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a full life. But a busy life isn’t always a ‘full’ life. May you take this #lockdown time to reflect on all the things that usually fill your days. May you dissect that which is necessary and fulfilling from that which is empty and meaningless. 

It is still possible to feel at rest and peaceful in the midst of a full life. It starts by cultivating rest and peace on the inside, and then to ensure that everything you keep yourself busy with on the outside also makes sense and contributes to a wholesome life.

May the #lockdown teach us the true meaning of rest and how we can be in a state of rest on Monday, Wednesday and every other day - instead of just one day of the week. You are worthy of rest.





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