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Natural Pampas (Treated)

Natural Pampas (Treated)

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Preserved and treated pampas to last forever in your home or to be given as an everlasting gift. Our pampas ('cortaderia') is a treated form of pampas (treated and preserved).

Our pampas has been heat bleached, which kills the seeds (preventing it from propagating or spreading). Therefore, it is safe for our indigenous environment.

We sell and distribute it purely for display purposes and we source it from ethical suppliers.

Stem length: 1m-1.2m

Care instructions:

- Shake pampas properly outside your home before taking it in (to shed any excess fluff from the stems).

- To preserve the fluff (and prevent excess shedding), spray it with hairspray (hold the bottle about 15-20cm from the fluffy part).

 - Re-spray again every 3-6 months for maintenance. 


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