Care Instructions for Preserved Flowers

Care Instructions for Preserved Flowers

Our preserved flowers usually last 6-12 months or longer; however, the way they are handled, their specific variety and the way they are styled/stored also largely impact their longevity. 

If they’re frequently handled and (of course) roughly handled, this reduces their lifespan. If they’re placed in direct sunlight, it may cause their colour to fade over time. 

Heating or aircon vents blowing directly onto preserved blooms may decrease their lifespan. 

As these flowers are preserved, they do not require any water or further treatments. In fact, water may cause them to wilt or disintegrate.

Keep the blooms in a cool, dry spot inside - excessive humidity may cause discolouration. 

Minimum handling is the best way to keep them happy and intact for as long as possible. If they do gather dust over time, you can lightly dust them with a feather duster (be careful not to bend or damage the stems/foliage).

If you’ve ordered pampas from us - make sure to shake them out properly outside. Spray them with any hairspray to avoid unnecessary shedding inside.

If you’ve ordered preserved pretties online: Once you’ve received them - take them carefully out of their packaging and gently rake out and fluff out the flowers/foliage with your fingers to allow them to find their original, natural form again. Style them as you please and make sure to consider the minimum handling guidelines above.



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